Creating a Mobile App Unifying the Business

Creating a product for connecting field technicians, marketing, and sales within beer distributors

Company: Linemate

Challenge: Eagle Distributing wanted to establish their line cleaning as best in class in order to gain more market share. The company needed to transition from pen and paper bringing innovation to the liquid management industry.

Solution: By creating a disruptive change in the industry through developing a new product that aligned the field technicians through an iOS tablet app and the sales and marketing through a php mobile web application they were able to better serve their customers, gain more brands for distribution, and increase sales.

Timeframe: 4 months

Results: Retail customers receive an email when their lines are cleaned, distributors get reports of how well the lines servicing their brands are serviced, and the sales team has quantitative proof of service levels.

Role: Product manager & project manager. Designed and developed the initial product while managing an offshore team. An iOS tablet app was created that allowed field workers to input activity and it was then aggregated into a reporting mobile web application. The work was done using Jira, TestFlight, .Net web services, and GitHub.

Prosoft cited this project as their single biggest win of the year. Read the quote.