Forging Business Architecture Between IT & Marketing

The Requirements

Part of the Business Requirements

Forging Business Architecture Between IT & Marketing


Challenge: Interactive Marketing had an internal tool, the ‘Sports Tool.’ It allowed them to manually publish game schedules for team sports to a Oracle Fatwire website. The process was taking over 80 hours per week to publish. The IT department had a SAP database with all the scheduling information in it, but it wasn’t structured in a way that was ready for consumer-facing. SiriusXM wanted to create a single flow of scheduling data.

Solution: By first building process that in Excel to re-structured the data and validating it in the existing process, a complete set of requirements were gathered that allowed the building an automated tool for loading and maintaining the team sports data.

Timeframe: 4 months

Results: The process was deployed and it saved Marketing over 60 hours per week, and reduced the time-to-live for team sports programming changes from days to hours.