Paul Sizemore at his desk in the HelloMetro offices
Company Description
HelloMetro maintains a portfolio of over 2000 websites focused on Hyperlocal, travel and business search services. They also provide high traffic micro-sites to artists, musicians and small business owners. In May 2007, Hellometro launched the largest network of .Mobi sites, working with GoDaddy. In September 2008 HelloLocal surpassed 2 million visitors.

The HelloMetro domains were specific for cities, for example,, and allowed for local communities to have an online communication channel.
One of the main features of HelloMetro, the user generated micro sites allowed businesses within the city to communicate with residents. For example, the ‘local business’ section was directly tied to the online business listings, and allowed the registered business owners to add content directly to the business registry. It allowed them to upload coupons, video and maintain a microsite.

Hellometro also provided the micro sites to artists and musicians, and even maintained a music player that was a local music channel.