Company Description
Humana Innovation Center
A Fortune 100 company and one of the country’s largest Medicare providers, Humana provides Medicare Advantage plans and prescription drug coverage to more than 3.5 million members throughout the US. It also administers managed care plans for other government programs. Humana also offers commercial health plans and life, dental, and vision coverage; it also provides health management services and operates outpatient care clinics. Humana covers more than 10 million members.The Innovation Center at Humana is a place of learning, creating and transforming how people get and stay healthy. While changing human behavior remains among the biggest challenges in health care, innovations in technology promise to make a meaningful difference.

Role Filled
As a Innovation Center Lead I was responsible for all aspects of the business for Humana’s Activity Monitors. This was three generations of activity monitors that integrated with many web products, including HumanaFit.
“Paul is a major asset to any team. He has added tremendous value to our products through his keen attention to detail and ability to understand and enhance the design of the often complex user experience. Paul uncovers new and innovative ways to execute a vision. He has demonstrated and proven his ability to work on cross functional teams involving technical and non-technical members, alike. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Paul on future projects with great enthusiasm.”
Danny Carvajal
“Paul Sizemore is creative, versatile and has a wealth of knowledge in multiple areas. His versatility allows him to go from the technical side to the business side with ease. I’ve worked with Paul on a number of projects where he has consulted and also designed and implemented solutions for my project and others on our team. We work well together because there isn’t a bad idea out there only ones that are feasible for the present and those that need more time for technology/mindset to catch up. I realize that you always need someone who can balance a visionary attitude with a “get it done” mentality. Paul is very strong in looking at UX design and creative thinking. He also displays excellent business skills that work well with his start up mentality. All of this works well in a collaborative and fast paced environment and I am proud to work with this guy.”
Shane Regala